Collecting Pop-tabs for Ronald McDonald House



Here at BLI Rentals we have a Values Committe, which is responsible for coordinating philanthropic events and activities within BLI. One of our newest projects is to assist an Emporia, Kan., family in their efforts of collecting pop tabs for The Ronald McDonald House!

Shelby and Johnny Clark recently lost their 15-day-old son Bentley Tanner Clark. Young Bentley underwent exploratory heart surgery and the doctors unfortunately couldn’t save Bentley’s heart. Bentley was placed on an ECMO machine that pumped oxygen to his vital organs in place of failing heart and lungs. At 8 days old, doctors performed a Berlin procedure, which provided Bentley with an artificial heart, while he waited for a heart transplant. Unfortunately baby Bentley went home to be with the Lord, being lovingly held by his parents, when he was 15 days old.

Shelby and Johnny Clark stayed at the Ronald McDonald House during Bentley’s procedures and doctor visits. They were so impressed by the service that the Ronald McDonald House offered that they want to give back to them! The Ronald McDonald House accepts pop tabs as a form of donation and uses the funds to help sick children and their families face illnesses in a home-away-from-home environment.

The Emporia Christian School will be presenting the pop tabs we collect to Shelby and Johnny in March. BLI Rentals invites all of our dealers to participate in our efforts to collect as many pop tabs as possible!


Collecting pop tabs is a great way to raise funds, get involved and learn the importance of recycling. Feel free to invite customers, colleagues and families to help your business collect as many pop tabs as you can! Be sure to use social media, word of mouth and/or create a friendly competition within the office to maximize your efforts.

We ask that you mail in your collection of pop tabs to BLI Rentals no later than March 5, 2013. Our mailing address is PO Box 992 in Emporia, KS 66801. Feel free to call me, Phil Carselowey, with any questions – 888-850-1187.

Best of luck to you and thank you in advance for helping us collect as many pop tabs as possible for the parents of Bentley Tanner Clark!

FREE ID Protection & Monitoring

We’ve been tinkering with the Protection+ Benefits over the past couple of months. We believe that inside the site, you can really find some hidden treasures! I’ve personally been using them & want to share a few of the goodies with you.

Today’s goody: ID Protection & Monitoring. By visiting the ID Protect site (from within I can get a free credit report every 3 months, activate credit/debit card protections & turn on family credit monitoring too.

This shows my last credit report I checked. I can view the entire report at any time. And it shows me when I can pull another one:

Credit ReportThe report that it pulls is a “soft pull.” This is an inquiry that does not affect your credit report. If you choose to turn on the monitoring, it e-mails you when you have a change to your report. This can help you detect fraud in days instead of months or years! Another benefit provided, is $10,000 Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage with Restoration Service. If you have ever been a fraud victim or know someone that was, it is a very time-consuming & stressful situation to get resolved. This Protection+ benefit provides you a personal counselor to take care of it for you, and reimbursement for time off work, legal fees, etc. What a deal!