Assumptive Sales

Let’s talk about assumptive sales.  How do they seem to get 100% of closing ratio?  This is something to think about!   I was recently in the hospital for high blood pressure. I go in and they immediately check me in, put me on a table, take my blood pressure, bring in an EKG, start an IV and the list goes on and on.

Now the bills are coming in and they go on and on.

Why did I not stop and ask them how much each item was going to cost? They brought me in an aspirin, Tylenol, etc. How much do you think those cost compared to what I had at home in the cabinet? Why is this true and how does this happen? This is worth stopping and really thinking about. I think I have evaluated it to the point, that at a time like that, I trusted their judgment of what was needed and never asked the price. Now as I reevaluate I see they did 3 EKG’s and 1 sonogram. Was all that needed?

I think they did a “sales” job on me and did more than was really needed. But they are the experts and I had to take their advice. By the way, they also did a heart catheterization. This showed up very good of which I am thankful, but what do you think this cost?

How does this apply to the sale of your products? Like a doctor, you need to be an expert in your field. You will evaluate the customers’ needs and recommend what they “need.” Match their needs with your products.

Using the assumptive closing technique isn’t quite the same as the situation of a health problem at the hospital, but be sure to posses an attitude of positively believing, to the point of knowing, that your customers are going to make a purchase. Use your expertise to simply show them their best option.

See ya down the road.