Benefits of Equipment Leasing

How many years ago did you start hearing about leasing vehicles or equipment? When I first heard about leasing as a means of financing, my first thoughts were, “This is only for those who don’t have credit or the availability to go to the bank.”

But as this segment of financing continues to grow, it has given me reason to take a good look at the benefits of leasing over purchasing. Come to find out there are many benefits to leasing vehicles and larger equipment for a business.

It is extremely important for a business to maintain capital for inventory, growth and the unexpected. Lease payments are written from the accounting side as a rental and do not need to be on the balance side. IRS rules allow you to expense off each lease payment. You do not have to set up a longer term depreciation schedule (talk with your accountant for specific details).

Establishing lease programs are much easier and more user friendly than traditional loans.

We have listened to our dealers. A common issue that runs through many of our conversations with you is the issue of saving enough capital to continue through the good and especially the tough times.

BLI is now working with several equipment manufactures to provide leasing for your company on shed delivery trailers, mules and other equipment for moving, placing and delivering sheds. Contact Brian Dorsey ( at the BLI office to discuss the benefits of equipment leasing for you.

scott strahmScott Strahm, BLI Founder and CEO

Follow Your Sales Leads

For most of us white tail hunters the season has been done for a few months and our stands and gear will be collecting dust for the next six to eight months. Even though next hunting season is a ways off, this can still be a great time to do some early scouting. Most deer have shed their antlers by now and that means it’s time to do some shed hunting. It’s a great time to get out and do some scouting for spring Turkey season and get my dog some much needed exercise. It’s always exciting to see what deer made it through the season and start narrowing your sights in on which deer you plan to chase the following season.

As sales people we can apply similar techniques to finding out what leads made it through the previous season and didn’t buy. I’m sure we all have a system we use to track leads and know who didn’t buy. As the busy season approaches this is a great time to go back through those leads and do some follow up. Take some time to call those leads and ask if they ended up purchasing last year or if they are still in the market to buy. It’s possible they changed their mind and didn’t buy last season but now they are ready to start looking again. It can also be a good time to get in touch with former customers and see if they are looking for any additional products or possibly needing servicing on the product they bought.

It’s always exciting to walk up on a shed antler from a deer you hadn’t seen for a couple seasons. Knowing that he is still alive and still on the property you hunt brings a new excitement for the upcoming season. The same excitement can come from follow up on an old lead and getting them to buy. It’s important to never close the door on a lead. You never know when their situation may change and bring them back.

brian dorseyBrian Dorsey, BLI Rentals Dealer Rep Manager

Creating an Inviting Sales Lot; Interview with a Dealer

Our survey shows that 70% of lot traffic originates as customers drive by the lot. I took this opportunity to interview Jaeson Leverkuhn of Spartan Structures about his lot.

What do you do to make your lot inviting?
“A manicured lawn and bright vivid feather banners to give movement at the street causing customers eyes to be drawn to my sales lot.”

“I also rotate buildings around on my lot to create a sense of movement and appeal to check out what is going on here. I can’t always order buildings when I’m at maximum capacity. So keeping movement on my lot to make people say ‘hey, they always have a good turn over on buildings, let’s check them out.’”

“I put seasonal decor on a few of my buildings like wreaths on a couple of windows in the front of the sales lot facing the road during December.”

“During the summer, I’ll also place large hanging ferns on buildings with porches. I basically treat my road frontage as my “window display” like you would see in retail shops in the mall. I just have a really big window!”

What is your criteria to determine how many, color, style, color, etc. for your inventory?
“I listen to my customer’s needs and watch what sells faster on my sales lot. From there I’ll order buildings with more neutral colors or more bold colors.”

“I also pay attention to the new homes being built in the area. I watch the color choices and add a few buildings with colors I find consistent or popular with those newly built homes. I watch color choices in mobile home lots as well.“

I visit with some dealers who have considerable down time between customers. Personally, it would drive me nuts! How do you spend time between customers?
“Down time? What’s that all about? Never heard of it. Ha ha!”

“I’m lucky to have a great location on a well traveled street. This helps keep me busy on a daily basis.”

“When I am not waiting on customers I’m putting Craigslist ads up and updating my sales lot’s Facebook page with pictures and status.”

“I pay attention to my competitor’s sales ads, pricing, and what they have to offer the customer, so I can be two steps ahead of them. One step ahead is never enough.”

“I am always looking for new and fresh ways to promote my lot, because like you, down time drives me crazy.”

You are one of your company’s top producers. Take me through your process from initial contact to closing the sale. I realize we cannot treat people as one size fits all, but what are some keys to closing the sale?
“I can’t tell you all my secrets! Ha ha!”

“I greet every customer as if they are my only customer for the day. That customer and the needs the customer has for a portable building are my main concerns. I am not going to waste my time selling them something they can’t use.”

“I explain the pros and cons to some of their “must have” items if I feel I can offer them something that is a better match for what their needs are. Most of the time, they are unaware of the products and add-ons we offer for the inside and outside of their future building.”

“Closing the sale is one of the easiest parts when you stand behind the quality of your products and the value they are receiving. Customers need that assurance that they are investing in a product that will last them many years. After closing the sale, I send thank you letters to my customers. I not only gain my customer’s loyalty but I also inspire my customers to promote Spartan Structures to their friends and family.”

Terry Taylor Interview by Terry Taylor, BLI Customer Representative